Me Playing my Saxophone

Did I tell you guys that I play the saxophone? Anyway I do and I was practicing it and I thought I sounded pretty good so I had my dad video me and I could show you.  I We posted it on my youtube. I sadly  usually don’t post videos on my Youtube because I don’t have a device that takes video but I am saving up for an iPad mini. I am getting pretty close I hope I will be able to afford it by a little over a month or so after Easter but I think I can get there. Any way I’m gonna show you me playing my saxophone for the first ever time and how I played earlier today.

LOL!! I did not know any notes but I still had fun with it! 🙂

Well I just looked at this Amazing Grace music TODAY. And that was the first time I played that so I thought I did a pretty good job for the first time but by the end of the week when I take the test I am sure I will do a Fantastic job!

Steve Spangler Science: Bubbling Lava Lamp

Hey Guys! Today We went out to my Uncles Farm and we Sledded with the four wheeler. I did not fall off ounce. And every once and a while people would throw snowballs at eachother so a mini snowball fight we did I guess. I had a great time.

Now, I was just looking through some of Steve Spangler’s science experements. I found one that I think is awesome. If you want a Lava lamp  watch this video and you will have a Lava Lamp for very low cost. The things you will need you usally have around your house. I will TRY to make a video soon on me doing this but for now what I have is Steve’s video.

If you like this video make sure to watch more of his videos on Youtube at Steve Spangler Science.

Make sure to send me a comment telling me how your Lava Lamp turned out if you tried it.  Bye!    ~ Emily/AGE

My Surprise to You/ Friday


We had ANOTHER snow day and snow day = no school!  on Friday! On Friday I went sledding with my friend Rylie. And played ping-pong with her while we drank warm hot coco. Yummm…  When we went sledding there was a snow drift and it was really fun when we slid down it. Although it was VERY cold! But very fun! We got about 10 0r 12 inches of snow here in Kansas.

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Happy Snow Day Again

Buurrr… It is very cold outside! It has been all day. Thankfully I am inside typing this blog post with a cup of hot coco by me. 🙂

Today I went outside and scooped a LOT of snow! Every time I cleared a path I had to go back because the snow was back on the old path! I did have fun though.


I also did some drawing. I am sadly going to have to say this is one of my least favorite drawings of spongebob but I did practice a bit.


It is S-Bob with his ” clapper hat “.      BYE!  AGE

P.S Stay tuned for the surprise!


Basketball started yesterday. It was all day basketball. I had a camp at 11:00. We practiced triple threat, dribbling, shooting, passing, and defence. I worked hard but it was fun. I felt confident for the game that afternoon. After camp I went home practiced some more, ate hot dogs and celery for lunch then went over some plays with my dad. And back to shooting hoops for me.

After a while it was time to head to the high school for the game. In the car I was thinking positive not Were gonna loose, what if we foul too much…think  positive. When we walked in the gym I was excited to take off my sweat pants and put on my shoes. But were waiting for… I don’t know what. Anyway my dad wanted to move too so we went to the other side of the gym so I could put on my shoes and practice before the game. We had a short pep talk before we started.

I was warmed up and ready to go. The game started. All I saw when I looked up was basketballs coming trough the hoop for the other team. I was not giving up but it seamed that would would not be able to catch up. At half time my coach figured out how they were scoring so many points. The team would spread apart while our team was covering them while the other person drived in with us not guarding the basket.

After Half time we knew what we were doing. We started making a baskets and were doing pretty good on defence and soon enough one 2 points away. Eventually we were ahead by about three points. The clock than was ERRRRRR! Buzzer went off! The game was over and Lakers won. Yeah, that’s our team. I can’t wait until next game!

Snow Day

Yesterday morning my dad came in my bedroom and kindly woke me up. I turned my head and looked at the alarm clock which read 7:01. I kind of shouted at him ” Why did you wake me up so late?! ” ” You don’t have school today. ” He replied. ” Did you want to go to Mass this morning?” He asked. I agreed so we went over to the church. After church we kinda hung out. My dad had class today because they did not get much snow over where he works so he Skype his class at school. 

Picture of snow at night.

In his class he talked  about electricity, so I got to learn about electricity. I played some basketball. I scooped of the side walk so the ball will bounce. It was hard to shoot with a heavy coat on but it worked.  I have to go to school today so I gotta go.    I sure did have fun yesterday. 


Happy Kansas Day



Howdy! It’s Kansas Day! Kansas became a state 152 years ago which would be the year of 1861. I don’t have much to say about this except I love living in Kansas. I like how their are not many HUGE towns around where I live. I can always go outside and enjoy nature.

The state mammal is the American Bison it became our state symbol in 1955.  The state flower is the sunflower, this symbol became official in 1903.  The state bird is the western meadowlark and this bird became a symbol for Kansas in 1937.  The state amphibian is the barred tiger salamander which this creature became the symbol for Kansas in 1994. The state insect is the honeybee, this insect became Kansas’ sybol in 1976.   The Kansas reptile is the  ornate box turtle which was the official symbol in 1986.  Last but not least Kansas’ state tree the cottonwood tree was official in 1937.

Kansas is also called the sunflower state because of how many sunflowers grow around here. We are also in the area of the worlds breadbasket because our state produces a lot of wheat and wheat is in bread!  Our state song is ” Home on the range “. … good song.

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I’m 11 Years Old!!

Guess what.  I have been 11 for exactly one week! My birthday was on the 10th. I did not have a huge party with friends I went to Mannhattan with my family. We went to go see a movie and eat but the movie actually was not playing so we just hung out around the mall. We ate at this restaurant  called the HuHut. What it is is a Mongolian Grill. It was amazing!

First you go through a food line you pick up the food you want ( the meat, the veggies, and the sauce ). I got chicken and shrimp for the meat.  Next I got celery and green peppers, for the veggies. Last for the sauce I got 2 scoops of sweet and sour and then 2 scoops of teriaki you have to have at least four scoops of sauce or else your food will burn.

You bring your bowl up to the grill and you can watch them grill it and watch them chop up the meat and noodles.

When you get your food back it is so very good!! I LOVED IT!

That was my favorite part of my birthday. I guess I Liked that I got a new basketball goal for my birthday so now I can play basket ball at home and not at the gym all the time. And I can use it with my dad this weeked because it is supposed to get in the 50 degree range.